While smart home technology is all the buzz these days, and we really believe in its advantages, it's just as important to have an expert security company monitoring your service at all times.


Safety in Minutes

"What's this icon?"
"Haven't you heard about geofencing?"
"No. What's that?"
"I get a notification when I'm within 5km of the house, and I've programmed my smart home equipment to turn on lights and turn up the heat."

"Wow! Technology makes everything so convenient now. Talk about safety in minutes."


Live Life! Let Us Do The Worrying

Home automation is wonderful, but when it all comes down to it, we are a security company. Nothing is more important than your health and safety. We will make sure your home is your fortress.

  • State of the art security technology
  • Professional monitoring 24/7 365
  • First responders will be notified immediately for burglaries and safety emergencies

A Little Prevention Goes a Long Way

An automatic water shut off valve can save you thousands in unwanted repairs. Frozen pipes or a steady leak from an appliance or plumbing fixture can easily be detected and prevented.

Our automatic water shut off valve and sensors will give you peace of mind especially when you're away from the house. Control your water manually via your smartphone, receive notifications via our app…CRISIS AVERTED!

How can you save money?
Ask your insurance company about discounts available upon purchasing Ovive Secure's professionally installed and monitored shut off valve.


DIY or Have it Professionally Installed

Either way, Ovive Secure's home automation and security products will make your life easier. Most of our products are wireless, plug-and-play, and configurable from your smartphone or tablet.


Personalized Smart Home Rules – Custom Notifications

Allow geofencing to do the work for you …

  • Open your garage door.
  • Turn on lights.
  • Raise or lower the temperature.

Personalize your notifications:
08:30am [Off to work] Notification: System Armed Away
14:30pm [Bobby home] Notification: System Disarmed, Movement Detected
16:30pm [Bobby karate] Notification: System Armed Away
11:00pm [In for the night] Notification: System Armed Stay


Unique User Codes

Easily create and disable user codes. Assign users unique codes. Know who has armed or disarmed your system.

"Hi Dad, did you forget your code again?"
"I'm sorry dear."
"Hold on - I'm letting you in right now."


Smartphone & Tablet

Control your entire home from a single app. Secure your home, dim the lights, view alerts, watch live video and even answer the door with just a few taps on your mobile device or tablet.

Your lifestyle, your rules.

Personalize your notifications.